Billet Technology

2.7 V6 Catch Can Installation Instructions:

Why Install a Catch Can... to keep your throttle body from look like THIS:

By collecting oil that would’ve been injested into your engine you are keeping your intake components cleaner-longer. Catch cans may also help reduce knock retard by keeping the oil out of the burn cycle.

Tools Needed:
4.5mm Allen Wrench
Utility Knife

1. Remove PCV hose from vehicle.

2. Cut PCV Hose - use the provided coupler and extra hose to extend it to reach the catch can. Cut an extra piece of hose to go from the catch can to the plenum (approximately 22” long)

3. Install Catch in Vehicle - Slide Catch Can mount into bracket on driver’s side near the throttle body (on the strut bar). Use the provided screw and 4.5mm allen wrench to securely mount the catch can.

4. Reinstall the hose you extended on the PCV valve and push the other end onto the fitting on the catch can (left side). Use the other piece of hose to go from the catch can fitting (right side) to the plenum. (see diagram below)

-Empty Oil From Catch Can During Oil Changes-

You can download a PDF version of these instructions HERE!

You can purchase a Billet Technology Catch Can HERE!