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    looking for a programmer that works on my laptop for my chrysler 300C to turn off my govenor

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    Nothing for a cable to interface from laptop to CANBUS anyway...only one "currently" on the market that can do this is the Superchips Flashpaq which works on all years and all models but 5.7 HEMI only. You can find them on sale here for about $250 every once in a while. It also programs other things besides removing the governor.

    Diablo is supposed to be introducing a tuner called Predator but it is already behind scheduled release date, you can wait for that if you want.

    Or you can make a fortune, be revered as a God and figure out how to hack these cars yourself....many brave knights of the LX have tried before you, none have succeeded (or their work never saw the light of day when they did...the lawsuit is mightier than the sword).
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    ^^^ What he said. Diablo and SCT are both racing to get products out that are full-blown tuning solutions, and HP Tuners is a while behind. No direct computer interface a la the F-bodies yet, and sadly, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you :-(


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