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Thread: Azlxc????

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    ok dont mean to get nosy but what is to become of AZLXC?????

    what has happened in the last few days to which you all feel this way?
    is it becoming official worry you?
    are you giving up?

    an organization such as this is not easy and never will be!

    its not just sit around and make meet and take pics LOL i wish! you will work hours sometimes daily to deal with simple to tedious issues or tasks that pertain to the group, meets, finances and well being for your group...
    you guys need to work together and find a solution evewryone can agree on....and not let difference in opinion shoot you down or shoot down what you feel is important to the group...your never able to please everyone so don't wish for it, it just wont happen.......

    Please dont think im bashing or picking on any one here
    I just want to see you guys flourish!

    as members to the LXForums and FLXC if there is anything we can do to help you guys please please ask us, we'll be more than happy to explain or to simply help in any way we can!

    Again, the FLXC wishes you to have a great and successful group!!!!

    FLXC President
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    I think we are experiencing the beggining of a rebirth.

    Thanks for your offers of help and guidance, maybe someone will take you up on them.

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    Thanks for your post, Matt. I'm hoping that things will calm down and hurt feelings will subside and everything will get back on track. I've met most of these guys and I can't imagine moving on without any of them.

    Step back, breathe, try again.

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    It will work out fine for all involved

    Hey Matt Joe and I are looking forward to seeing you guys in October were thinking LX Florida Style has got to rock

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