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    time to close the wounds, please

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    I was only gone for a couple of days! WTF! This can't be happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullofit_ View Post
    Strife, unrest and personal attacks.

    It is time to cut it out. I will ask each of you to take time to look at your posts and consider removing the ones that are hurtful to your club and to members.

    I have closed many of mine and will close others soon. I also would ask that if you quoted me in a post I deleted please edit that quote out as well.

    It is time for your club to heal.

    help close the wounds.

    WELL...I have kinda taken the "Fly on the Wall" aproach and have been silent. Unfortunately I could sence the wheels were coming of AZLX as a "Organized Club"at least a month ago. I don't know alot of you folks personally,however, I have met Joe and his wife on a couple of ocassions and found them to be delightful,funloving,dedicated to the cause people. Junior is also a good all-around guy...and Jack Evers did something very special for me at G.A.M.E that I won't go into (But he knows what that is)..THANKS JACK.
    I have been involved in many Clubs/Organizations thruout the fifty plus years in my automotive career ..some were good..some were bad. In my opinion if someone want's to be part of a very structured organization and it works for them..let them go that direction and I would support their decision and still remain their friend. What has worked for me in the past is just having periodic get togethers with with a group of like minded folks who like their cars and share that common interest. I hope that all the friendships that have been generated by all of you can rise above everything that is going on, and we can regroup and just start hanging out together when we can,enjoy each others company and cars and opinions....and to quote a line from a Hank Williams Song...WHY CAN"T WE ALL JUST GET A "LONG NECK"....Later...

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    I have no ill feelings toward anyone. I have learned to agree to disagree if that is what it takes. I also want to say that I brought up what others are feeling, not just myself. It is a valid question and one that should be considered before we structure ourselves out of the fun loving club we have been.


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