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    Car Clubs, Bylaws, BS and forums

    First and foremost I am just trying to pass on knowledge that I have gained, learned and experienced over the many years of car clubs and forums. So please do not take this an insult, attack or anything like that. just info thats all. Ive been watching more than speaking to see what is going on and feel that I should speak up and share my thoughts and knowledge.

    Car Clubs - What are they? They are a group of people who love their cars and want to band together with others that enjoy their cars as much as you do. Joining together sometimes will even allow you special treats, discounts and events that as a single car owner would not be allowed to get.

    BY-Laws - Well they are basically club rules that the club will abide. Some outsiders will say the BS Laws. You can live by them or not your choice. But if you are in your in.

    BS - The stuff where people dont fully understand what might be going on with the situation, what they are voting or what might happen usually in the case of clubs and forums.

    Forums -

    They are a form of a club but just for the internet where everyone hangs out when they are suppose to working. But I just like you would rather socialize in a centrally located place with others that enjoy theirs cars as much as I do. So basically a cyberspace car club is what it is.

    So what is the reason for my post besides definitions. Well here goes.

    I have experienced or been involved with several cyberspace forums that wanted to form as a club. Nothing wrong with that right? You wouldnt think so, but not everyone is as committed as the another financially, time and or love for their cars than the next person. My experience tells me when this is happening to sit and watch. because 99% of the time it will fail and not work since not everyone will be aboard. It can divide a group or even split it. Dont let that happen. Sure, you might say well then they dont have to join or be apart of it right? Well then if this occurs they might not feel like they are welcome at your meets, here online, etc. As a club you will have to work double hard to let everyone know they are welcome to join and attend events with you that is open to all. Sure if you are having a club meeting then thats different, but other than that it should be open to all to attend that can come.

    So how do we fix that?

    1. Make an Unclub - What this is a little more organized than a cyberspace club. You attend meets when you can, you hang out when you can. But first and foremost everyone is invited that owns an LX or others if so be it. The information is posted in an event calendar. You come great if you dont its okay maybe you will show up at the next meet. No harm no foul scenario.

    2. Those that wish to form a club you do that on your own outside of the lxforums. Once you have it all down and together then you can announce it and invite others to join if you so wish to do so. Trying to do it in an open forum is just asking for criticism, objections, and that word we all dont like DRAMA.

    3. Just drop the club and go back to the old way.

    Fullofit - We have barely talked and gotten to know each other, but what I think you are doing is great and admirable. You seem to be really dedicated to the community, the club and the cars. One piece of advice - Dont quit, just think about how you can be more effective and allow everyone to speak their peace. Someone has to lead and you seem to fit the bill.

    Carl - I hear ya on the dues man. I am not really down for that either as an inidividual unless I know where the money is going. But like I said above it is your choice to join or not to join the club. Im sure no one will hold it against you if you do not join and I am sure you are welcome to the events.

    I pointed these two people out since they are on different sides of the fence right now. Nothing else nothing more. I wanted to show a third party view. Im sure there are other points to bring out but I'm getting off my soapbox now. Hope this enlightens you a little bit and helps.

    We are all grown adults here so dont let a forming of a club allow the group to disband, cause drama or stop the momentum of the growth!
    As for me, will I become a actual member that is hard to say. Waiting to see what happens. Will I be involved in the community absolutely

    Chad aka RockBlocker

    PS. If you spot me today driving around Ill give you a free set of headlight protection.
    Check out my sites if you want. Some are NWS so be careful kids

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    Very well said, Chad

    I have been watching this whole deal and hoping that it will turn out to be a good thing...cause I like these cars and the folks that go along with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by RockBlocker View Post
    If you spot me today driving around Ill give you a free set of headlight protection.
    Now how much gas will it take to track you down? And hopefully I will not get behind a gravel truck before I do. LOL

    When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.
    My friends call me JONN (usually).

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    I couldn't have said it better myself. Perfect!!

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