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    GM "Blue Devil" 600HP - deja vu all over again

    Those of us old enough to remember the demise of the "muscle car" back in the early 70's are holding on to our socks waiting for the government/insurance industry hammer to fall again. It will happen, just a matter of when. 600 hp for the Corvette and CTS-V could do it.
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    DAMN!! The best part of the article is where they state the normally aspirated Z-06 powerplant (500 HP) did not provide enough low end grunt for the Caddy's 3,600 pounds. They are preaching to our choir on that one.

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    Yep, read an similar article in "Car and Driver". Pretty fun and wild machines.

    Yep, 20 years from now it is going to be a totally different car scene. I wonder where the internal combustion engine will fit in?

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