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    SOLD.....................Hemi Cam Swap Tools (PACKAGE DEAL)

    1 x Miller Damper insert Tool 8513A (for damper removal process)
    1 x Miller Threaded Damper Install Tool 8512A
    1 x Dragon Accord Type Valve Spring Removal Tool (Made by Ram Guru weedahoe) for spring swap with heads on)
    All you need other than this is a compression tester with valve stem removed then plug into standard compressor hose to keep air in cylinder chamber to keep valves up during process and you are good to go.

    I'll throw in a Military pull lock strap to tie the Damper to the frame for Crank Bolt tightening and loosening procedure and a used Miller 8863B trans dip stick for Nag 1 already notched for fluid level the morning after bone cold when fluid drains back which works better and perfectly for checking your fluid level vs temp chart procedure.

    $100 Bucks CAD firm plus any mailing costs on you. Contact Danny
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    2014 Ford Shelby GT500 SVT 5.8L SC 662/631 Rated.
    05 Magnum RT
    Sold Along with 14 Ram Sport
    For Sale. 05 Magnum AWD Hemi. Damper, Shorty's Wires-headers, Mopar Street Cam on 87 Octane factory tune, 6.1 springs oil pump and Mopar Drop in Filter. New Dyno max Super Turbos w resonators in place. Price Lowered to 4900, over 6 k in parts alone. Perfect winter beater!
    2016 Cherokee Trail Hawk Mango Tango

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