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    changing brake fluid and trans fluid w turkey baster: what to get?

    Tomorrow I plan on replacing as much of the brake fluid as I can using the turkey baster method.
    While I know there is a writeup for power steering to replace all of it, I don't have a helper so I'll replace as much as I can with the baster.

    What type of fluids should I get?
    My 180* Tstat came in so I'll be replacing that tomorrow as well.
    Already have some distilled water for that.

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    Seeing as brake fluid is only as good as the bad stuff thats left over after the fluid change, I'd say replace it with the cheapest stuff you can find. There's literally no point in doing anything fancy. You'll be at the wet boiling point of the old fluid no matter what you do if you are just changing out of the reservoir (in fact to be honest I wouldn't bother).
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    ^^^^^^x2......just do it right or don't do it.
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    Brake fluid and P/S fluid are probably the most neglected fluids.

    Remove the crap from the brake fluid reso, and then bleed the system, starting at the furthest wheel and working forward.

    the tranny will require a pan drop. Measure the fluid removed and replace with that amount.

    The TC holds quite a bit, so it can be changed several times to keep it clean.
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    The turkey baster is just to get the reservoir empty so you can add fresh new fluid and begin the bleed process. Keep adding to the reservoir as you bleed each brake line. It's pretty easy to do. Make sure you have the right size clear vinyl hose and a container to hold the old fluid.

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    Turkey baster is waste of time for brake fluid, the bad stuff is in the calipers and needs to be bled out with a vacuum tool while refilling resevoir. Besides, you don't want to dripping that stuff all around.
    I have done the power steering that way (I know pull line from cooler and pump out while refilling) but its easier and better than not doing anything! I tend to do the baster meathod on PS once a year.

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    As ZMagnum pointed out, its good to clean out the res BEFORE starting to purge the system of the old! I alwasy suck out the tank and fill with fresh before starting on 6 month old fluid. At the track w/fresh, it is not needed to drain the tank, just fill and flush.
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