I have a 2011 300 limited 3.6 with the factory 2-1-2 exhaust

I feel like Ive watched every Charger/Challenger/300 exhaust video and read every forum post I can find but still have some questions that hopefully some one can answer. Every video seems to be more about Drone / what they sound like and little to do with how performance is affected or why they chose that particular setup. I'm not looking for huge gains or anything, I know this is just a 3.6 after all and I don't have a tuner at this time. But not looking for any real power loss either, there have been people complaining about loss of low end torque in some setups. One thing Ive noticed is that they are all pretty much the same with a few small differences. Everyone has deleted the rear and mid exhaust and typically replaced the mids with a muffler of their choice.

Is there any real performance gained when upgrading from the 2-1-2 to a 2-2-2 or would I be better off keeping it simple(option 1&2) or with a hybrid of the the two(option 3)

Here are my options as I know them:

1. Just replace the single Mid Muffler and run straights, Leaving the Y pipes alone

2. Replace the Mid Muffler with a Single In/Dual Out and run straights deleting the rear Y

3. Have a X pipe installed ran to a Dual In/Dual Out mid muffler and run straights

4. Have a X pipe installed and put Dual Mid Mufflers and straights out the back