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Challenger American Drag Racer – New Track Package or Next Street Beast?

Oct 07, 2015 - 11:59 PM - by MagnumClub
By Patrick Rall, LXForums Editorial Staff

There have been a great many rumors that grew out of last month’s national dealer convention in Las Vegas, but the most interesting eye witness accounts focus on what attendees are calling the Dodge Challenger American Drag Racer – or the Challenger ADR. These accounts indicated that it was a Hellcat-powered Challenger with huge rear tires to make better use of the 707+ horsepower and to make room for those huge skins, the Challenger ADR had some sort of widebody kit. Unfortunately, that is where the “information” ends and with no official word from Chrysler, we are left guessing as to what the American Drag Racer might be – should it be introduced to the public.

It seems to me that the American Drag Racer package for the Dodge Challenger can be one of two things:
  1. A track-only racecar featuring the supercharged Hellcat Hemi and only the essentials needed to get down the quarter mile – similar to the current Mopar Drag Pak cars.
  2. A twist on the Viper American Club Racer package, which has what is needed for legal street driving, but it cuts back on the things that aren’t 100% necessary – in effect creating a car that is legal for public roads while still being as proficient as possible on the track.

Here are the pros and cons to each.
Should the Dodge Challenger American Drag Racer be another track-only race car, the obvious shortcoming is that we wont be able to drive it on the street. Provided that it is the latest iteration of the Challenger Drag Pak with a massive price tag, low production numbers and no way to use it for anything but a racecar – it lacks the broad appeal of a road car. It would, however, allow Dodge to make what would almost surely be the quickest factory drag racing package and they could do so without making many changes other than weight reduction and a more track-friendly suspension setup.

On the other hand, should the Challenger American Drag Racer follow in the footsteps of the Viper American Club Racer – meaning that it would be legal for street use – Chrysler could have another huge hit on their hands.

As awesome as the Hellcat Challenger is, it has a great many features that are not needed to go fast. Items like the power leather seats, the massive sound system and the award winning infotainment systems are great, but they all add unnecessary cost and weight in the eyes of someone who is only focused on going as fast as possible. Basically, the American Drag Racer could be very similar in its design to the previous generation SRT 392 Core models, but with even fewer luxury items.

Imagine a Hellcat Challenger with wider rear tires, a set of cloth, manual seats, a minimal speaker system mated to the touch screen (which is needed for the drive mode functions) and – most... [Read More]
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Money Bath!! FCA US LLC sales up 14% in September '15 compared to Sept '14

Oct 01, 2015 - 8:42 AM - by MagnumClub

FCA US LLC has recorded another record month of sales. September 2015 posted record sales for seven vehicles in the line-up. The entire Jeep brand sales were up over 40%. Much like cow bell you can always use more JEEP.

Challenger sales topped out at 4552 units for September setting its all time monthly sales record and bringing total year-to-date Chally sales up to 51,949 (which is a 38% increase from last year at the end of Sept).

I'm sure these numbers will be front and center in the negotiations with the UAW. Will be interesting to see how Sergio and his team spin these sales gains in the labor talks.

Check out full press release here.
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Who's prettier: Dodge SRT 392 vs Dodge Scat Pack?!?

Sep 18, 2015 - 3:00 PM - by MagnumClub
By Patrick Rall, Editorial Staff

Compare and Contrast Challenger Scat Pack and SRT 392

So there has been some heated debate as of late about the similarities and differences between the 392 SRT and the Scat Pack (reminds me a little bit of the egg dispute in Gulliver's Travels). Well, of course we couldn't resist stirring the pot a little bit. Just a reminder to keep it classy people.

The 2015 Dodge Challenger lineup is the largest in the segment, with 10 different trimlines ranging from the base V6 SXT to the top of the line Hellcat package. The downside to having 10 trimlines for one car is that some consumers lose track of which features come with which trimline, and in the case of the 2015 Challenger, there seems to be some confusion about what makes the R/T Scat Pack and the SRT 392 different. Today, we bring you a detailed look at what features are common and unique between these two 485hp Mopar muscle cars.

Technical Aspect
First off, the biggest source of confusion on the 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack and the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 is the fact that they both come with the 6.4L, 392 cubic inch SRT Hemi. This mill delivers 485 horsepower and 475lb-ft of torque in both of these Challengers, with a standard 6-speed Tremec manual transmission or an optional 8-speed automatic sending the power to the rear wheels with the help of a 3.90 gear set. The drivetrains of the Scat Pack and the SRT 392 are essentially identical, so what makes the two different?

The key functional differences are in the wheels, brakes and suspension systems, as the SRT 392 Challenger features the massive 6-piston Brembo brake package and the adaptive suspension system found in the mighty Hellcat. This system includes 15.4 inch rotors up front under those 6-piston calipers, while the rears have 4-piston Brembo calipers over 13 inch rotors. Both of these 392-powered Challengers come with 20 inch wheels, but the Scat Pack has a unique 20x9 wheel while the SRT 392 has a similar 20x9.5 wheel to that found on the Hellcat model.

Most importantly, the Challenger SRT 392 features the 3-mode Bilstein adaptive suspension system, which allows the driver to enjoy the SRT drive mode system that is also found in the Hellcat Challenger. The Scat Pack has a great sport-tuned suspension setup, but the SRT 392 suspension package offers the driver the choice of picking from Street, Sport and Track modes with active dampers that stiffen up for each mode.

Performance Differential
The Dodge Challenger SRT 392 features the brakes, wheels, tires and suspension comopnents of the Hellcat package, which means that the SRT 392 offers far great handling capabilities than the Scat Pack – while the different modes afford the car a smoother ride when that... [Read More]
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